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is one of the most eclectic live projects of the Argentinian talented composer and multi-instrumentalist PEDRO MENÉNDEZ (Piano/Guitar/ Winds/Bandoneon), a galvanizing force blending electronic, folk and jazz beyond the limits of tango.

Wellknown as a pioneer of the avant-garde fusion style in his country, his own and personal composition style can be appreciated throughout his vast discography and a long career of national and international live performances in Argentina, Brazil, US, Canada & Europe.

Year 2004 – 

After a long stay in Europe, PEDRO MENÉNDEZ came back to Buenos Aires with new interesting views and the need to experiment. 

At that moment ELECTRONICO (2004). the first CD of ZONA TANGO, was released.

ELECTRONICO”, the Album, managed to create an alternative space inside the emerging “electrotango” genre by an unique eclectic and virtuous style that went beyond the simple fusion of modern tango and electronic sounds and added other elements like jazz and contemporary classical music. 

In June 2006, BRAZILTANGO, the second discographic work of ZONA TANGO, brought to the world the innovative idea of blending two opposite styles. Nostalgia of Tango, Joy and Warmth of Bossa were divinely reflected in nine original compositions and two personal arrangements of the wellknown songs ‘Adiós Nonino’ (Astor Piazzolla) and ‘Corcovado’ (Antonio Carlos Jobim). 

PSICODELIA TANGO (2010), the 3th CD of ZONA TANGO, came to captivate once again the audiences: new solid melodies melting into a hint of psychedelic ingredients, electronic sounds and tango inflections. 

"ELECTRO PAMPA" is the fourth and new coming release of ZONA TANGO: urban evocations of a very cosmopolitan "Argentine Pampa". 



Internationally ZONA TANGO has toured multiples times including six consecutives appearances at the International Music Festivals South by SouthWest  (SXSW, Austin, TX, US) and Canadian Music Week (CMW, Toronto, Canada) from 2008 to 2013 inclusive.

In its country, ZONA TANGO has performed on numerous cultural and private events (BAFIM –Buenos Aires International Music Fair-, Ceasar Park, Buquebus, Puerto Salguero, among many others).





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